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This too shall pass

Have you ever had those days, weeks even, when things are just on you?

The weight of the whole world seems to just be resting on your shoulders.

It feels like nothing is going right. Opportunities lost, and you’re just down on your luck, down on yourself.

In moments of despair, when the weight feels unbearable, it's easy to lose sight of the impermanence of our troubles and woes. However, personal experience and history show us and reaffirm the universal truth of the ebb and flow of life, just like the ocean waves: health scares, job losses, a broken heart. At the time, it feels like the pain is ours and ours alone, and we must bear it forever.

Remember, though, it’s not always like this.

Those dark days when we feel helpless and pressured, stressed out and low, it behoves us to use the phrase Abraham Lincoln loved so much.

‘This too shall pass’

The same can be said when we are on top of the world, filled with hubris feeling untouchable. When our ego begins to take charge and our arrogance gains control.

The saying can help to re-centre us, find our equilibrium, and calm us.

It allows us to see and enjoy The impermanence of all things.

Knowing that a hard moment in our life will surely not last forever can help us to get through it when we feel a little overwhelmed.

Understanding that the greatest moments in our life are fleeting can allow us to employ gratitude into the current occasion, being grateful for exactly what we have at that precious moment in time.

How often have you let a negative feeling, anger, jealousy, envy, ego, or pride ruin a special day?

Holding on to a silly emotion that ruins a special moment for no reason.

Then, after the fact, you realise you didn’t allow yourself to enjoy that time that should have been so special.

You were triggered by an event or person, even a slight comment, and you allowed it to put you in a bad mood.

Remembering that the day is going to pass, as well as your current mood, can really help to push us back to that gratitude.


When things are bad, remember:

It won't always be this way.

Take one day at a time.

When things are good, remember:

It won't always be this way.

Enjoy every great moment.

Doe zantamata



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