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Be aware of the haters but pay them no time.

If ever you’ve taken a risk.

In business or a new job or entered a competition or tried to better yourself in some way, no matter how big or small, eventually you’re gonna ruffle a few feathers.

Eventually, you’re gonna feel vulnerable too from stepping outside of your comfort zone just so you can grow a little.

Imaging being a budding physique competitor.

Dieting for months and months, lifting weights and covering miles and miles doing cv work, in your hunt for burning that body fat percentage to a lowly single digit.

Stepping on that stage must be a pretty daunting task.

In front of so many people with a little pair of pants on being judged by a few can’t be a comfortable experience. But one that affords all the competitors who partake in this contest a process that affords them growth.

Same with BJJ or grappling and wrestling.

Entering that competition can be an intimidating experience.

Facing off against other competitors, the fear and challenge forces us to grow and become more but all the while, irrelevant of outcome we are showing people our desire for more.

To be more.

Feel more.

Show more.

Grow more.

Our vulnerability shows and some people don’t like it.

Because they’re living in fear.

With fear.

They won’t risk or don’t believe they have the capacity to be more.

Have you ever had interactions with people who know you but they’re neither a close friend nor an enemy?

You don’t have a dislike toward them but you don’t see them regular either.

But then, they’ll say to you

“ oh I saw/heard about how ‘this thing’ went wrong for you “

Seemingly just to make you feel bad

I used to get it mainly when I fought.

“I saw one of your fights on the internet”

They would say.

“The one were that guy beat you “

“Oh right, did you see any of the others where I won or looked amazing?”

“No, just that one”

Of course that was the only one.

You can see the glee in their faces and hear the joy in their voice as they try to hurt you and place you back in that box that they live in.

Try to pull you back in the bucket along with the other crabs.

They won’t watch the ones when you look good. The ones where you succeeded, because that makes them feel like less.

When I was an active competitor I would get this a lot.

But when I was much younger I didn’t really realise what was happening, I didn’t understand why people would act like this or want to leave me feeling deflated and self questioning.

I would let these random comments really effect my day.

My ego didn’t like it and I didn’t know what that meant.

Not only did I dislike the feeling at the time, it stayed with me before, during and after competitions too.

What will people say if I lose?

These people resented me and I was affording them power over my mind.

Over my performance.

I was allowing them to dictate my mood and giving them all my power.

How absurd.

Now I realise what their intentions were and somedays I may still get it now.

Maybe some would try to belittle my public speaking, my writing or my coaching, but that’s rare.

But sometimes I get it second hand for some of my athletes but I pay no attention and now correct those that speak that way.

I know if they’re speaking that way, then inside they’re likely struggling, so I offer my support the best way I can.

Remember, hurt people, hurt people.

If you know someone who is putting themselves out there chasing a dream, be mindful of how you speak or bring attention to acknowledging what they’re aiming to achieve.

Your negative ways are hurting you as much as them.

Support them and use them as inspiration for what is possible.

And if you’re striving for more, pushing yourself to achieve, do not let naysayers live in your mind, they likely don’t mean you harm, they maybe don’t know what is possible with a little bit of belief, they’re maybe just a little lost.

Remember the more you shine the more shadows you cast.



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