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The garden of the mind.

It’s often used in the world of self development and personal growth.

The analogy of flowers and weeds in a garden being likened to our minds is referred to in many a fantastic lesson on mindset and personal development.

The thought of our minds as a full garden, filled with the flowers we choose to put in there is a difficult story with similitudes to argue against.

My week is filled with positivity.

I engineer it so.

I read profusely and am continually focussed on learning and developing new skills. Mental and physical, to continue my desire for self improvement.

The philosophy and mindset content I spend each morning assimilating eventually grows in to my persona, in to how I live my life and the values I carry.

The people I surround myself with all have similar mindsets or come to me to help them develop it within them.

I keep people who lift me with their talk and who cause me to think about ideas and concepts close to me.

If I feel like there is something amiss, some behaviours I don’t find appealing then I’ll let the person know.

If it continues I’m sure to distance myself from that relationship.

As what we let in from what ever source we choose, tv, music, movies, books and friends and colleagues will find its way in to your garden.

The negative talk or the doubt.

The nasty comments about others.

You may not realise it but their negativity is planting seeds deep within your mind, thoughts and personality.

I’ve written and spoke lots on this,

Show me your friends I’ll show you your future.

If you’re around five millionaires, you’ll be the sixth. There’s loads of various sayings espousing the same concept and there’s truth in every one.

But this post isn’t really about that today.

It’s about when those seeds start to sprout.

In that quiet time.

That alone time.

And that’s why I say about the importance of performing and enjoying our exercises.

Running, walking, cycling or my favourite swimming, all provide us ample time to water and look over our garden.

As long as we aren’t overloading our senses with headphones, you’ll be surprised at the things you find spouting in your garden if you head there whilst your focus is on your physical activity.

Feelings of jealousy or bitter words can be there if you’ve spent time in the preceding weeks feeding these negative seeds or been embroiled in upsetting or argumentative behaviours.

Without outside distractions, as your feet pound the pavement or your hands pierce the surface of the water, your mind is clear to see what has been planted and nourished with attention.

But if you’ve been pouring ideas and philosophies in there.

Notions about helping others, growing yourself and businesses, finding Ways to improve yourself then the garden can truly look fantastic when you take a peek.

If you’ve been engaging in positive conversation with friends who lift you, you’ll realise it in these times of quiet.

Ideas formulate in the quiet when we have allowed them to ferment and grow.

They’re planted in active times.

Whilst Reading.

During Conversation.

And they come out as our distractions dissipate.

Here is when you will know what exactly you’re feeding your garden.

If it’s filled with things you don’t like, then let’s start to take positive action in planting the correct seeds and nurturing them properly.

Consciously or subconsciously, seeds are being planted so let’s make sure that we’re in charge of making our garden flourish


Jun 20, 2023

I needed to read this today. And I need to read more positive messages today and tomorrow and in the future. ❤️


Jodie Danner
Jun 20, 2023

That's my favourite so far! 👌👌👌

Jun 20, 2023
Replying to

Thankyou Jodie


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