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What’s the point?

What's the point?

There's an epidemic in society.

A new one.

One that is seemingly entrenching itself within so many of us.

I noticed it in the young ones during the many lockdowns and threat of more from 2020 onward, and I see it’s pervasive, deleterious effects on so many now.

An apathy that is deep within people’s core.

A feeling of life passing them by.

A feeling that they can’t gain steady ground in anything they’re doing.

They’re conditioned to think that whatever they’re chasing may be stopped anytime.

That we get stopped.

They ask themselves

‘What’s the point?’

It feels like they’re going uphill in roller boots.

Every step they take they feel they’re sliding back two.

The constant barrage of negativity from the press, friends, family and social media taking its daily toll.

Many of us are struggling and it’s understandable.

I can’t make enough money.

I’ll never get to my desired level.

I can’t make or keep meaningful relationships.

So what’s the point?

It’s like so many of us have lost our fight.

Our will.

We’re allowing ourselves to be squashed by our internal, negative, oppressive dialogue.

If we think it’s hopeless it’s likely that we won’t even try. If we think success can never be an option or outcome then we’d be crazy to even bother to try right?

But this is where we are wrong.

It’s never hopeless.

The night is always darkest just before the dawn.

After every night, morning will follow.

After every winter, spring.

The hard times now will develop your resilience for when it is needed.

This apathy not only affecting our personal well-Being but social dynamics and our collective progress.

It stifles creativity and erodes the bonds we hold so tightly and in such high regard.

When people feel disconnected from the world around them, from the people around them, a decline in empathy and compassion can follow suit.

But we just need a little hope.

So what’s the point?

There is always a point.

You are always needed.

You are always wanted and it’s important you remember that.

It’s important to remember there are likely many people who need you.

Even if you think erroneously that They don’t, they do.

This apathy we feel doesn’t need to define our whole lives.

It’s just a moment in time.

We can take small, actionable steps to get out of the miasma of inaction.

Things like being around loved ones.

Helping others. Searching for purpose.

Engaging in hobbies and activities that resonate with us.

We can set goals to help pull us forward step by step.  We can embrace gratitude for all that we have already.

We can choose to be in service and think about what a difference we could make to others maybe by helping others, we’ll see the way to help ourselves too.

As hard as it may feel at this moment in time, there is always hope, always opportunity, always chance that you will make a difference at just the right time.



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