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Memento mori

Remember you will die.

That’s what the old latin phrase memento mori means.

The Roman philosophers and leaders would carry a coin with them with memento mori inscribed on it.

Reminding them of their own mortality.

Of their fleeting time on this planet.

As they would wander their cities during their victory parades, engulfed in the love of their subjects they would have a slave whisper to them ‘you’re just a man’ to aim to avoid the delusions of grandeur and to prevent their ego causing issues as it became inflated.

They remembered how fleeting this all was.

The time.

The love.

The hatred.

The ridicule.

And they lived their lives accordingly as so should we.

But yet we care so much about the opinion of others that we let it prevent us attempting our dreams and striving for goals.

Memento mori.

We all must die. It’s decided on the day we are brought in to this world.

And each day we have until our final day, is a blessing.

And each day is ours to make of it as we wish, but yet we allow others dictate to us exactly how we should be living.

What we should be doing. What we should be achieving.

All through fear of opinion and judgement.

We must remember, Whether loved or hated, we will be gone.

We can make the decision to leave the world better when we go. We should have that as a goal every day. But not so we will be remembered for it, purely because it is the correct way to live our life.

With virtue.

With love.

Think of how many people, over the decades of your life, have come and gone.

Some who you believed would forever be in your life only to disappear and never be seen again.

When you’re gone you may be surprised how quickly you’re forgotten.

Many will mourn and then go on living their lives, as they should.

But you prevent yourself from truly living for what some of these people may think

Those who will forget you.

Quicker than you’d think.

Memento mori.

Remember you must die.

So remember you must live now. Whilst you have chance.

Chase your dreams.

Learn how to be happy in this moment. For this moment is all we ever have.

The fact that life can be so fleeting is what makes it so valuable.

The fact that it is so limited and finite is what creates the need for things to be done.

Could you imagine the procrastination if we had forever?

How many things would we put off until tomorrow if tomorrow was eternally promised.

That fence isn’t being fixed.

That books not being written.

Those people not told your true feelings.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well we are fortunate we only have a limited time.

It makes it special.

We choose what we want to fill our precious limited time with.

We choose who we want to spend it with.

We don’t dare squander it when we realise how precious it all truly is.

There isn’t time to feel down.

Hard done to.


There’s too much to do and too many loved ones to do it with.

One day you will die, but remember everyday until that day,  you must live.



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