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The power of self doubt.

How many times have you questioned your path that you’re on?

How often have you asked am I good enough to do this?

That job you’ve always wanted and you get there and now you start to doubt your abilities.

You question if this is really what you’re capable of:

I’ve had it through all of my paths over the years.

As an athlete.

As a competitor.

As an author.

As a speaker.

As a coach.

As a husband.

As a father.

All and more and I’m sure more to come in the years ahead.

Many times in recent years I’ve taught classes and doubted my ability to pass on information, I’ve lived my life in continuous study of martial arts, philosophy and personal development and yet I question somedays am I able.

I’ve taught children and gone home questioning if I was able to relay the information I wanted to that day in lesson.

It used to terrify me to feel so vulnerable and inadequate.

The imposter syndrome would rear it’s ugly head somedays and I’d question how after a lifetime of study, a lifetime of experience at the highest level of coaching, I could feel this way.

It’s not just in my chosen profession as well.

I’d relive moments of talks with my son or of how I reacted to what he said or did, or even how I didn’t react at all somedays.

Things I said I maybe shouldn’t have or possibly didn’t speak when I should have.

I’d write an essay and then Re read sentences I’d wrote and doubt their meaning or message.

I’d give a talk and Speak to a crowd and stammer or stutter or trip over a word or a meaning or my message wouldn't come out.

Moments I was beaten in a fight, moments I couldn't perform.

But age brings along many things.

Alongside our experience, what we lose in physicality we make up for in other means like knowledge and wisdom.

The knowledge that our mistakes of a moment do not define who we are.

Nor what we do.

They show us that our doubt can be powerful if we listen to why.

It shows us lessons in all that we do.

“The things which hurt, instruct.”

If we allow our mistakes to fuel our progress, we can see why we feel doubtful, (usually because it means something to us and that’s why we are fearful and need to push in to it, see my ‘the cave you fear to enter’ talk)

We can use them as a way to become better.

To be what we expect of ourselves.

We doubt ourselves because what we choose is difficult.

In difficulty lies challenge.

In challenge lays doubt.

In overcoming doubt comes growth.

In growth comes success.



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