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Never be overheard

The Stoic and wise Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, has left us with many gems of wisdom. Many of which I read and aim to employ daily on my morning studies, but one I am going to ensure I live by today is one of my favourites.

‘Never be overheard complaining, not even to yourself.’

I love and embrace it so much that I employed that quote as the first rule in the academy athlete commandments.

There’s a reason I tell our athletes to avoid complaining.

Complaining begets more complaining.

Complaining puts us in to a victim mentality as it removes the want, desire or option to create a solution to the issue.

Have you noticed how many of those that complain pass the blame, gossip negatively, possibly even jealously, about others?

They then seemingly complain more and continue to find more to complain about.

They just offer statements or opinions from a negative perspective and as like attracts like, garner more of the same to complain about.

The same applies with complaining of others.

But we can’t expect anything to be sorted or fixed if no attempt is made at explaining the wrongdoings or miscommunications.

If no attempt at a solution is proffered, then what would you have been done?

So many relationships, familial and professional, collapse under the weight of expectation and hidden complaints.

People aren't able to alter a behaviour if they don’t know that it causes issue or concern with you.

If something is off, in your relationship, in your business, in your life, then take a Victor role and create solutions to the issue and like Marcus Aurelius said, Never be overheard complaining.



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