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Pre meditate on death

As each year passes and the deeper we get into the 21st century, it appears more and more of us are desperately trying to avoid death and keep our youth as long as possible.

We Embrace all the fads to keep youthful and try anything to extend our lives just that little bit longer. All trying to evade the inevitable.

As we are heading towards it, we constantly try to push it back.

But it’s inevitable.

Pre meditate on this fact.

You are going to die. It is guaranteed.

From the moment you were born, the one definite was that your flesh will rot and you will leave it.

Accept the truth that there will be a time when life carries on without you.

That doesn’t mean take for granted all the blessings life offers or eat junk food, smoke and drink and live in a manner that isn’t congruent to longevity and health. Far from it. We owe it to live our best life to show our gratitude for the blessing of life.

Often We take life for granted in the day after day monotony of modern living and expect it will continue forever, but it won’t.

We fear about not having money.

We fret about what someone is saying about us.

We cower at the thought of making a fool of ourselves to strangers.

We develop mental anguish and anxiety over thoughts of not looking a certain way or not being good enough or not being accepted into the crowd.

But when we realise all of our time is limited, that none of it really matters and all passes by, we are able to live freely and openly.

We can allow ourselves to create freely and even better, to let ourselves fail.

Many times. Over and over.

Because ultimately it doesn’t matter.

Like the philosopher du Montaigne said ‘ He who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. Knowing how to die frees us from all subjection and constraint.’

Understand this and think deeply on it.

You and everyone you love eventually will die. Time is short if you spend it unwisely and ungratefully.

Live each day knowing it might be your last and your outlook will change.

Like the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said

"Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now take what's left and live it properly."

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