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Tell them

When was the last time you let someone know exactly what they meant to you?

We’re quite forgetful sometimes, or even if not forgetful, maybe just more assuming.

Assuming that those important people in our lives just know our feelings in our hearts.

We assume they must know how much we need them and want them in our lives and how grateful we are for all that they do or have done.

I know I’m assuming sometimes, I just think the people I love, (and I’m blessed, there’s a lot) know my feelings for them.

But on some scale we’re all guilty of making the same assumptions.

Those things we don’t say.

How we are Grateful that they make us better through mentoring m or that they sacrifice their time for us.

That they provided opportunity on occasions they didn’t need.

The fact that they’re Happy to share in great times and joy.

Just that we are glad to have those we know would support us in all that we do.

But we forget.

Even worse, we allow ourselves to make it awkward and maybe even strange, to let a friend know how much we appreciate them.

How much we truly care.

In receiving messages or comments like this, on those beautiful occasions, we can be faulted in our acceptance of them. Slightly taken back by the open honesty of a friend or family member opening their heart to us. Somedays we don’t accept as willingly as we would have liked and in return, it causes us and others to be more reticent to each other.

So lots of time we hold it in.

And one day it’s too late.

We say it to other people about the impact someone had on our lives.

We tell others about the love in our hearts.

We tell others how much we cared.

We tell others of the hole that we can no longer fill.

Because the person who filled that gap, the piece to that puzzle has gone.

And now we can never tell them. Not to their face.

Just to their soul.

Imagine if, instead of us posting over social media and meeting up when a loved one passes, we did it whilst they were alive. We let them know their importance to us and how much we truly cared.

If you have someone you haven’t let know recently, of your love for them, of their impact on your life, of their importance to you, then please send that message today, make that call.

It could make someone’s day.



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