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Output equals input

It’s really easy to change your attitude

If you’re not getting what you want then look at what you’re putting in

Your input determines your output

Not just on one day but for all days

Even on the days you don’t feel like it

That’s the times that are most important.

It’s really easy to drift and allow those feelings of self pity set in or complaining of struggles and how we can’t achieve something or do a task.

Recently I nearly fell pray to this self damaging behaviour too.

I love practicing and playing the piano. The difficulty of it and complexity of reading the music and playing really pulls me in and draws all my focus, but honestly, I’m definitely not a natural, and I have to work hard to get the keys to do what I want and ask of them.

I’d been struggling through practice a little and allowed it to get in my own head.

Things I would struggle to read correctly. Notes causing me a little confusion. My timing not quite to the set rhythm.

Eventually they all built up in my head.

Then, I would notice myself avoiding practice.

I’d miss a lesson with my teacher due to no fault of my own, but then I’d continue the lacklustre preparation in my own regular practice time. I may go days without even sitting to practice.

Then i’d be upset and annoyed and complain to myself that I find it so hard to do this song or learn this technique when I did sit back at the piano.

Well of course I found it hard.

The reason is simple really.

I wasn’t doing it!

I wasn’t putting on the work.

How can I complain about the things I haven’t got, if I’m not doing the things I need to do to, to get those things I desire.

I want to be good at the piano.

I really want to be able to sit and play great songs not only for myself, but so my loved ones can enjoy the beautiful sounds too, but I can’t then say this is what I want, and show incongruous behaviour.

No wonder I was getting annoyed.

I sat back down at the piano and made a practice plan.

I set 30 mins on my timer and smashed my practice.

I got back on track.

I didn’t punish myself either or moan how I’d missed a week or so of deliberate practice. I just got going.

If you’re procrastinating, set a plan to get back on track.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Are you wanting to get good at jiu jitsu?

But missing sessions?

Then complaining that you aren’t where you feel you would like to be?

If you are, then you know the answer.

Get back on track and act in accordance with your goal.

Don’t allow that insidious voice to gnaw away at you, get yourself back on track to your goals.

Get back in the gym, get back on the nutrition, get back to practice.



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