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Be here now but I’m looking over there

It’s obvious that, when we study spirituality and how to attain a calm and serene state, ridding ourselves of anxiety and being happy is all about the focus on the now.

‘Be here now’ the mantra of choice and one for good reason.

Be in this current moment, not the future and allow yourself to be calm.

So many of our anxieties live exactly there in the future, more so our imagined future and often times because of our amazing imaginations it is a desolate, painful one.

So, being in the here and now helps us all massively when we are able to adopt it to our lifestyle.

I’ve coached it to many who are suffering.

Rooting yourself in the present moment can really calm our over working minds and help us to live peacefully and enjoy our day as we intended.

But what of goals and plans if we live just in the now?

How can we do both?

I believe goals are important, extremely important, and they provide the needed pull for many toward them, to become more as a person and to understand more of subjects whilst we are in the pursuit of them.

But they aren’t ‘chased’ in the pursuit of happiness.

That never works

We can’t think

“I’ll achieve this goal and then I’ll be happy and content”

Because believe me, you won’t.

That’s not how it works.

We have to be able to surrender a little to be in the moment.

‘Not my will, but thy will’ as the Christian’s would say.

An acceptance as it were.

Letting go of attachment and allowing things to happen without our need for control.

The more you release this ‘need’ for control, the freer you are to create.

The ‘need’ dissipates somewhat and leaves room for creative desire.

Fuelling our movement toward our goals.

So starting with an acceptance first, an open understanding that everything is working for the greater good and then allowing our desires to fuel us toward those goals we set without any ‘need’ that resonates with the feeling of lack or the thoughts that only this thing can provide us happiness.

Allow the acceptance of the flow be freeing as we set our sails and allow the wind to blow us gently to the destination.

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