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3 ways to get better at anything (the 3rd is the biggest)

The 3 proven ways to improve quickly at anything

1.Find a coach, teacher or instructor.

To have the ability to learn any skill or develop any talent, we must be taught first.

We need to first learn what we don't know.

And the only way we can do that is by finding someone who knows what we don't.

In Ideal circumstances this would be someone who has lived what we want to learn.

A martial arts coach who has lived the life of a martial artist and competed and tested themselves at a good level.

A music teacher who is capable of playing and reading all levels of music.

A financial advisor who has invested their finances well, and used their knowledge to grow their income.

You wouldn't go to an ill dressed man for fashion advice would you?

So first, we find a mentor.

I have spoke in depth before about the difference between a coach, teacher and instructor.

It will be up to you to decide on the commitment level you want to receive and give.

In this regard, remember, you get what you give.

An instructors commitment level is much lower than that of a coach.

We would also want our mentor to have current, or former students, who began their studies from the same starting point as ourselves.

Having an example of someone who has walked our path can not only help guide us but also motivate.

To reevaluate, step one is

Get a mentor.

Find someone who has been there, done it, taught it and wrote the book and has examples.

2. Find your why

What is your reason for wanting to learn in the first place?

If you are wanting to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, why?

Is it because you were bullied in your youth?

Do you want to feel confident now and able to stand up to anyone who would threaten you?

Is it because you want to be a black belt?

Is it because you want to be a part of a team or get fit or make new friends.

It may be a mixture of all these things or none.

You may want to become the next UFC mma champion and inspire millions.

Any and all reasons are fine, but knowing why will really help you in the harder days.

If we take something like learning to drive.

There is usually a reason why we spend all that time and money to get ourselves driving a car on the road.

We want the freedom the license provides us when we pass our test.

We can put ourselves through the stress of lessons and exams all because we can see what driving will bring us.

The places we can go.

The people we can take.

The jobs we can do.

The more money we can make.

Knowing our purpose for doing something can really help pull us towards that goal.

See, sometimes, it can be difficult learning and improving anything.

You are going to have those days ,weeks or months when things just don't seem to be happening.

When its seeming like lots more effort than usual to just show up.

On these days knowing what you want the outcome of your learning to be can really help.

Knowing what was your purpose for starting will help you through those sticking days.

Achieving a black belt is a noble goal.

Its difficult to achieve.

But on those days, knowing that that is why you started this journey, getting on the mat is that bit easier.

To reevaluate, step two is

Know your why

Find your reasons for why you want to achieve something and use it as fuel on the hard days.

3. Consistency is key

This is the big one.

I have seen so many fail at this hurdle.

They have even had their number two, their purpose, or so they thought.

But they didn't allow it to help them develop the best habit.


There are many things needed to be good at something.

I touch on many of them across my various posts.

Finding a coach and finding your why are the two current examples.

The biggest of them all though, that i have observed from all the people i have coached is being consistent.

Those that are in the academy day in day out, rain or shine, eventually outperform all the rest.

Its sneaky though consistency, because it isn't flash.

It builds unknowingly at first.

Like building a house, brick by brick.

At first theres the foundations.

under the ground, out of sight.

Then there are the bricks, slowly being piled on top of each other.

At a glance it appears not much is happening, but each day the bricks go higher.

Until, a while later, there is a house built, brick by brick.

When we set a goal in our head.

A target to reach. Our why.

We need to make it a non negotiable.

Heading to practice that task is what we said we would do, not only to others, but to ourselves.

And it is extremely important we keep congruent with our vision of ourselves.

We keep our word.

We keep it through consistent effort.

We need to remember that, even though it doesn't appear fancy or flash, consistency compounds.

It returns us massive interest on our time investment many years later.

Allow your consistency to form your habits.

To reevaluate, step three is

Be consistent. turn up to practice often and develop good habits.

So there are three, sure fire proven ways to improve at a chosen goal you have.

Find the best coach you can to fulfil your needs.

Understand your emotion in why you want to learn the skill in the first place, start with the end in mind.

Be consistent.

No one ever got good at something just doing it sometimes.

How will you implement these tips in to your development?

Let me know.

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